Large and Luscious BBW Art Gallery, submitted by grzydj. Internet horrorscape explorer grzydj brings us yet another monster from beyond the veil of sanity. This time it's Large and Luscious, a site devoted to appreciating enormously fat women by drawing pictures of their larden bulks overflowing various tight outfits. As sexual fetishes go, obesity is pretty low on the horror factor, but what makes this site shine is the hilarious quality of all of the artwork. Nothing gets my Internet motor going like vector art of a mannish 500 pound black woman whose body is escaping from a low-cut blue dress.

Nancy just finished recording a song for a Tina Turner Tribute Album. The tribute album will be released in late June on Versailles Records! Stay tuned for the latest on the records release.

Oh hay, they also have a character named "Queenie" who offers invaluable advice to readers.

Dear Queenie,
There is a man in my neighborhood who every morning walks his dog. Also every morning he stops in front of my house, and his dog leaves a big part of himself on my lawn. I have confronted the man and asked, that if there is something sacred about my lawn to at least bring a "pooper scooper" with him. So far that effort has proven fruitless. The police are no help as they are out stopping crime at Dunkin Donuts, and the yellow pages are useless as "shipping and handling" was as close as I could get. Can you help?
Up to here in dog s___!

Dear Up,
It could be worse. The dog owner could also be leaving part of himself on your lawn. My suggestion is that you fight fire with fire. First, find out where the neighbor lives, and then call Bernie's Rent-an-Elephant.

Oh Queenie, what will you say next you sassy OMGWTFBBW?

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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