Baby Rancher: Code Zombie
The Baby Ranching Mod of the Counterstrike Mod for Half Life

First there was Valve's Half Life, revolutionizing the idea of a coherent and progressive narrative in the First Person Shooter genre. Then there was the Counterstrike mod for Half Life, which transformed the game into a deadly and realistic multiplayer bloodbath with an emphasis on teamwork. Something was missing though, where were the infants, toddlers and zombies? Where were the ranch hands, horses and cowpokes? Onto the scene came "Team Racecar" with Baby Rancher, the first mod of the Counterstrike mod that allows for fast and furious multiplayer baby ranching and zombie hunting.

Baby Rancher: Code Zombie shifts the focus of Counterstrike from the urban battle between terrorists and counter-terrorists to the prairie warzone of unbroken wild infants and flesh hungry zombies. BR:CZ is not just for multiplayer either, there is a complete 9 level single player game that comes free with the mod. Tame the babies and beat back the zombie hordes all the way to their secret moon temple!

Who are we?

"Team Racecar" is an independent group of game developers that is committed to bringing you the best in PC gaming by staying outside the "loop" of big money. We are driven (at high speeds LOL) by our love of gaming to offer you the most exciting games. "Team Racecar" consists of:

Richard "Trapper Keeper" Frenta - Rich is the man behind the wheel at "Team Racecar". When he isn't out playing golf, downloading pornography or in the Bahamas that is!

Zack "Tunnel Rat" Remmington - Zack fully tests each baby for stress factors and premature "bottoming out".

Al "Handsome Steve" Burrows - Al dances.

Jacquie "Tits" Ponders - Jaquie is working on the manual for the commercial release of BR:CZ. She also provides "moral support" around the office if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Hank Anne Marie - Hank was recently fired from "Team Racecar". He did all the coding, level design and graphics.

Something Awful
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