The national degrees of the proposals of the university of the Internet inside above 150 questions and by us grow! We nedavn added custom program doctorate. You can now obtain the degree of associates in only 6 minutes and kandidatskayaa degree in it is small than 8! Our prices they cannot be encounter.

National Internet University is 100% accredited!* Just click button to Graduate and have credit card ready! Or scroll the page to read more about YOUR FUTURE IN ACADEMIC! Our promise to you is that credit card WILL NOT be used to buy heroin in Kiev. "You can count on that."

If you have question about payment or about past diploma, please email

"They can take away everything, but they not can take away education." - Albert Einstein


The degrees Of associates Proposed:/b>
Dentist Assistants
Hair Speculation Technician
Barn Analyst
Baby Scarer
Emotioncon Usage
VCR Recording
Shelf Restocking Assistant
The Glamorous Arts Specialist
Ebay Fraud Expert
Amateur Rocketry
Ape Theory
Super Nintendo Tips & Tricks Counselor
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"The online university increases education and delivers to it the masses." - Dr. Nobel Prize

The degrees of baccalaureate proposed:
Human Dentist Assistant Leader
Gun Arguments
Kobold Thwarting
Picture Drawing
Sailboat Identification
Crimes & Capers
ROM Speed Run Video Capturing Techniques
Ice Cream Truck
Leg & Foot Repair
Bellydancing and the Erotic Art of Spinning
Techniques of the Dragon Hand
History of Internet
Microsoft Certified Public Accountant
PRICES SLASHED!!! $8.95!!!

"A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of." - Bejamin Franklin

The diplomas of master proposed:
Forum Posting
Commando Techniques
Elegant Lady
Your Science of Choice (Sorry no Botany)
Math and Computer Tricks
Google Search
Advanced Hobbitry
Lawyer Studies
Your Language of Choice (Klingers Just Added for Star Trek Fan)
Safe Cracking
Animal Husbandry
Political Science
HOLY WOW! $14.95 FOR ONE, 9 For $99.95!!!

"Each individual woman's body demands to be accepted on its own terms." - King of Englad 2

Doctorates She proposed:
Fortune Telling
Lions & Their Allies
Modern Grave Digging
Advanced Sciences (Harder Stuff Like Super Biology or Astrology)
Turbo Tax
The Laws
Time Travel
Slash Fanfic
Helicopters in Nature
Stage Magicianing
OR Create Your Own Doctorit! Limit is IMAGINATION!!!
WOW!!! $19.95 for DOCTOR?! Are We crazy? (No, just prices)

"I had a dream free at last." - Martin Luther

This is just a sample. The actual dimploma will have the name of you and the degree you experted in printed on it, along with your level of degree. So it might say "Josh Ianovich" and then a line break and then "Doctorate in Stage Magicianing" and then another line break and something nice like "Congratulations!!".

Campus for National Internet Univesity is entire Nation of Internet! Billions of people live here and go to school at Internet every single day of the week. Here is a map to help locate facilities on campus.

This is a little joke, because you see the Internet is too big for a map, you just have to trust us when we say that there are many activitys and many fun people to do with here at National Internet University. But, you do not have to take our word for it!
Things to do on campus like...
...Enjoyable Games!
...Meet other fun people!
...there is great knowledge at library!
...amazing sports actions!

"Graduation is only one mouseclick away!" - Leonid Grovanovich

"ConGRADulations DOCTOR!!!" - Dean of National Internet University after only $19.95
*-National Internet University is accredited under Hopi Indian definition of word, which means "to walk among coyotes" and the computer is actually in area known to be haunted by coyotes, which is Siberia. Coyotes are also names for lesser Siberian mongoloid peoples who plagued Russia with tyrrany until Communism and Capitalism delivered a nasty surprise to nomadic herders.