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Subject: FWD: FWD: FWD: RE: FWD: RE: RE: I am UTTERLY FURIOUS at your BRAZEN lack of RIDICULOUSLY decent TREMENDOUSLY helpful tech support ***** IMP0RTANT ***** --->>>V1AGR4<<<---



We hope all our readers had a safe and pleasant National Aboriginal Day! If a man have parted with something which he had, not knowing the worth of it, or the need he should have of it; he often can regain it, at least with pains and cost! If a man have been overseen in a bargain, and have bartered away or sold something, and afterwards repents of it, he may often obtain a release, and recover what he had parted with! But it is not so with respect to time! When once that is gone, it is gone forever; no pains, no cost will recover it! Though we repent ever so much that we let it pass, and did not improve it while we had it, it will be to no purpose! FUN FACT: 0.0007% (88) of hospital consultant episodes were for amoebiasis in England 2002-03, a parasitic infection of the large intestines! People get amebiasis from hand-to-mouth contact with surfaces or objects contaminated with stool from an infected person. People also get amebiasis when they swallow water or food contaminated with stool from an infected person!


have u seen my sox/


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