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Curse You, Richard.
By Josh "Livestock" Boruff

That foolish fiend Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka requested we keep this confounded electronic journal throughout the fortnight. Does that pandering pantywaist not realize I have important issues to address? I am a busy man with a set schedule I must adhere to around the clock! The measly meandering I must muster for each journal entry simply robs me of my precious time, to which I could be repeatedly flipping animated gifs horizontally in yet another sweet, sweet embrace of pixilated ecstasy! The fools on Something Awful do not understand the genius of my 256-colored universe, one full of miracles and rotating objects horizontally at an annoyingly aggravating speed. To think the fools at the University tossed me aside like a garbage bag full of aborted fetuses, causing my invariable move of my animation studio to the back of this filthy cargo train destined for Akron, Ohio! Well I'll show them... I'll show them all! Most importantly, I will seek my revenge on that impotent idiot Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka... I shall make an animated gif of his hideous visage, one which will animated every 1/50000 seconds and will be so disturbing that only Lucifer himself may stare at it without suffering the pains of one thousand burning needles to the retina! Revenge shall be mine, dear readers!

Comment #1
From: [email protected]

dude, this shit sucks. Do you want to know whats 'something awful'? this site. You guys arent funny so shut up and ether post more boobies or shut ur site down becuase it's shiat. farkers. FARK RULES AND OUR PHOTOSHOPS ARE BESTER THAN EVERYTHING, SO FARK OFF!!!!

Comment #2
From: [email protected]

yea I have 2 agree with above ^_^ this site isnt very funee ^_-, u guys are pretty mean bashing sites u dont like :-(

pikachu princess *_*

Comment #3
From: [h]ard-{knox}


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Comment #4
From: [email protected]

well look another update from Amarica's worst terrists! I'll have you guys know that phase 19 of my 4822 phase plan is currently in effect and your site will be shuting down shortly. Ive been pulling your strings this entire time Kyanka. How does it feel? you and your band of cyber terrirsts will all be thrown into a federal jail soon for all the crimes you have commited on my INternet. I made Doom maps and fight for freedom, and ever since you made my site an Aweful Link of the day, I knew you guys were petty morons. then you banned me from your forums and NOBODY BANS KING REOL FROM FORUMS!!! Im working with all your previous aweful links and were teaming up to take you and your crappy site down, Keyanka. So maybe next time theres a knock on your door, it just might be Phase 239 waiting for you! All awful link victims win in the end, Richard. You'll get yours.

King REoL
REoL Tuff since 1852
Come visit my AOL homepage
I'm a 32 year old virgin who makes Doom maps and got fired from my last job because I threatened to shoot an employee. ASL?

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From: [email protected]

hey man i was told u have cool forums here but i cant find the forums and i cant find the shift key and when i write something its always one huge runon sentence but anyways where are your forums and can u give me a free a forum account 2 see what theyre like because i dont have any money yet but i might get money soon because i might get a job but maybe not becuz my dad is a dickhead but thats okay becuz hes not my real dad anyways so can you just let me loan sumbodys account for a few hours or maybe a few days or something i just want 2 check it out man anyway peace out

reverend vitamin jones esq.

Comment #6
From: [email protected]

Your last update was very offensive to my people. We are tired of being labelled, stereotyped, and oppressed. We will no longer take your petty barbs and we will fight back.

Please cease and desist all offensive, racist remarks against my people at once.


Roy James
Spokesperson For the Lost City of Atlantis

Comment #7
From: [email protected]

Dear Roy, what they are doing is called "cyber terrism" and they do it to hundred, maybe thousands of people every day. Its ilegal and it's ammoral and its wrong. Please join my anti terrism cyber task force, I'll be setting up a mailing list and everything once I can figure out how this list program works, I think I need some email. Send me all of the email, maybe that will work. Richard and his ilk are going down and going down hard, so I would appreciate your help. Just remeber that every Awful Link cyber terist victim wins in the end, and I love winning in the end.

King George Fiffy of REoL ToUGH
Being ToUGH on DOOM WADS since 1973
Now REoL ToUGH on CyberTerrism since 1928

Comment #8
From: [email protected]

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