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Oops, just a FYI...
By Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

Zack just messaged me to say that somebody is posting as him on his AwfullyLiveJournal entry. I don't know how somebody got his password since it was sent to his email address encrypted and everything, but Zack swears it's not him. Oh well, at least the forums are up.

UPDATE: the forums are down.

Comment #1

Your forums are down because you are afraid. We are now on Phase 201 and soon your toaster will begin malfunctioning. We are winning this war on terror and you are losing. Zack has lost his email account because we are winning this war on terrism and your going to the jail. Just wait, every ALoD wins in the end.

REoL King George the Fiffy
I'm Not Insane, I Just Make Doom Maps. Naked.

Comment #2

I am coming to arrest you for terrism.


John Ashcraft

Comment #3

See? You doubted my power and political influence! I told you!

King George REoL Fiffy the ToUGH
Anti Terrism CyberTask Force
President of Mars

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