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Could Zelda Hearts Put Your Kid Through College?

NewsMax - June 29th, 2017
By STAX DUPLO Rising tuition expenses have many parents worried about how they will pay for their children's college. We examine the possibilities and pitfalls of investing in Zelda Hearts to lock away value for the coming years.
Bet Against Your Child's Vaccine Outcomes and Earn Money on the Autism Securities Exchange (AUTEX) Post-Huffington Post
Cloaked Web Activists Offer BTC to Parents for NOT Circumcising Children Pro Hoodies
Private School & Prison Monthly - Dot Commerce - Baby Morgellons
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NBC Inks Three-year Broadcast Deal for International Starcraft League Events

ESPN - June 28th, 2017
By JOSH BCGOSH A record season of ratings for CBS, owing mainly to the Haun Yu and Sykko Pimp rivalry, comes to a stunning close as the ISL signs a three-year deal with NBC.
TRADES: Slugger Ramirez to Cardinals for Southpaw Johnson, 600 Namecoins and the MILFarters.com Domain Baseball Traders
Chicago Blackhawks Forced to Shuffle Roster in Face of Daily Fluctuations in Salary Cap Hockey Watch
BTC Believers - Sports Animated - Armstrong Doping Controversy Daily
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Missing Thumb Drive Contains All Bank of America Customer Assets

Foxwire - June 28th, 2017
By HAMSON CUDDLEPIG Bank of America was forced to admit today that the missing thumb drive may have contained all of the assets of all Bank of America customers in a single file. Critics were quick to jump on the bank."We warned Americans the whole purpose of switching to Bitcoins was to replace banks with much safer currency markets," gloated self-styled Federal Reserve E-Chairman Wyatt Crownmichael.
HahaSec Hackers Sell Purloined BTC, Briefly Drive Value Negative CNNNN
EXPERT: Secure Your Savings By Diversifying From Stocks to Eve Capital Ships Financial Timez
Linden Portfolio - World Net Daily - Foxwire
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Transformers 6: Anger of the Deep Shadow First Crowd-financed Blockbuster

Entertainment Weekly - June 27th, 2017
By EYENDY RANDELBAUM Fans of transforming helicopter and a crane or something underwater will be able to finance this summer's biggest blockbuster and make money while they're doing it with Transformer Bux.
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards to Back Pixar's Latest Financial Timez
Trent Reznor to Score Satoshi Nakamoto Biopic Peer Currency Network AP
Hollywoof Barksmith - Kickstarver - Web Comedy
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