Maintenancegefrieger Grosse Von Magnusson

Chopped to death by secret airplane propeller while defending the Fatherland from haymakers. Strongest and most shirtless of the men in his unit, his mustache was legendary. He embodied the Aryan ideals of bigness and punching.

Sekritairplane Kapitan Dunken Der Doughnuts

He attempted to shoot an American intruder boxing with Grosse von Magnusson, but was knocked unconscious by the American woman. A fuel fire started by her careless use of the secret airplane's machine gun spread to the secret airplane where he was slumped over the controls. The American intruder took time to open the jammed canopy and rescue his female accomplice, but left Dunken to die in the ensuing gigantic explosion.

Wagendriver Josh E.L. Futch
Afrika Artifakttruppen

Died for the Fatherland doing what he loved: being thrown from a moving truck and rolling off a cliff.

Wagendriver Pete Harshnish, Wagenrider David Kuleeay, und Wagenrider Fritz Langenhorner
Afrika Artifakttruppen

Attempted to arrest an American stealing the Ark of the Covenant using machine gun bullets. Their vehicle was knocked off a cliff by this cruel war criminal and they all died screaming with courage and love for the Fuehrer.

Wagenhanger Paul Hogan
Afrika Artifakttruppen

Bravest of all the Wagen troopers. Paul shot the American in the arm, kicked him out of the truck containing the Ark, and nearly crushed him beneath the truck. Tragically, he was later kicked through the windshield and fell beneath the tires of the truck. The Fatherland will dearly miss his ability to fistfight inside a truck cab.

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