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Yahoo has pretty much established itself as the official cesspool of the internet. The Yahoo Chats are mind-numbingly stupid. The Yahoo Groups are completely worthless. And the Yahoo Forums are the worst of the bunch, preserving their creamy stupidity for aeons to come. It's no wonder, Yahoo is the first place new computer users go to when they learn what a search engine is. Fortunately many of us rely on Google which to my knowledge hasn't decided to create forums or a community or any of that other shit that ruins web sites.

No, I don't get it. And please clean up the mess you made on my front lawn "rad6002003".

God must be a pretty cool guy to have a nickname around the office. I imagine people saying, "Yo G.D., checked out that earthquake you unleashed on Iran today. Two words buddy, AWE-SOME."

Holla back ya'll!

You're 56 years old and posting on an internet forum for christ's sake. Shouldn't you be out having a mid-life crisis and buying boats and hookers you can't afford behind your fat wife's backs?

No one has had sex in Fairfield County since the banned the practice back in 1989. Good riddance too. People that look like they just walked out of Cliff Yablonski's web site shouldn't be fucking.

Internet scientists are still trying to figure out what "phornox" meant by this post.

If I told you, then I'd have to kill you.

Oh no!

Barbara Walters is an old hag.

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