Those... monsters...

Broom in the closet? Now they are blatently stealing from homosexuals. I love how all these outcast groups pretend they are as important in the civil rights movement as gays and try to ride into acceptance on their coattails. Listen, we love gay people and want them to live free from persecution and have the same rights as others. You occult freaks can stay on the fringes of society for all I care.

Who the hell are you to put a coyote over the bong?

You should read the rest of it. At the end it says, "You are pretty stupid for believing this crap. We can't believe you spent 20 bucks on this book. Sucker! *sound of a car speeding off*"

They had some great ideas in the 1600s.

You must be new to this whole manifestation thing. You're uhm, supposed to pretend you saw something and then lie about it to yourself later.

Straightened him out. Put one hell of a curse on him!

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