I cannot:

Therefore I would make a bad:
read correctly.

trouser chili:I can not: Spread my anus apart to what point one could fit a football inside sideways.Therefore I would make a bad: Novelty website.


I cannot:
Read the first post in the thread properly.




Lord BEEF:

I can't:
stand idly by while the president is kidnapped

Therefore I would be a bad:
enough dude to rescue the president


I can not:
Eat 24 marbles in two minutes

Therefore I would make a bad:
Hungry Hungry Hippo

Precious Roy:

I cannot:
congeal most of my supercooled mass into the same Bosonic state, leaving myself with one superatom.

Therefore, I would make a bad:
Bose-Einstein Condensate

cheapshot:I cannot: Stitch together Nike shoes.Therefore I would make a bad: 4-year-old Indonesian boy.


I can't can not:
Make my correct sentences grammarly.

There I would bad make a:
Talking to person.


I Cannot:
Speak German

Therefore I would make a bad


I cannot:
program games

therefore I'd make:


I cannot:
stop being so fucking cool

therefore I would make a bad:

Well, there you have it for this week's Goldmine. Thank you, come again, and watch your ass on the way out.

– Emily "Integral" Reigel

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