Here are a bunch of MP3's from the Japanese TurboGrafx SuperCD version of River City Ransom. The SuperCD version is pretty hard to find and really doesn't differ very much at all from the NES version, outside of its fancier graphics, but it does contains an enhanced soundtrack with updated takes on RCR's familar songs. While a couple of the remixes or updates or whatever you want to call them mess too much with a good thing, for the most part they're pretty cool:

River City Ransom - Main Theme (3.71 MB) - When you think of River City Ransom, this is the tune that'll immediately pop into your head. It's the music that plays throughout the majority of the game.

Select Your Character (713 K) - The first music you hear when you boot up the game. Select your character wisely, you chump!

Message From Slick (1.88 MB) - When you're reading the ransom note from Slick, this is what you'll hear. I guess Slick used one of those Hallmark card music chips on it.

Title Screen (164 K) - This music re-affirms the fact you're playing River City Ransom.

Shopping (2.04 MB) - Hooray for buying stuff! This is - of course - the song that plays in all the stores you'll shop at, but this version of the song sounds like you're vacationing in the Caribbean.

Sherman Park (1.42 MB) - The happy, sappy, circus-like Sherman Park music. I don't want to know what goes on in those bathrooms after dark...

Roxy's Capital Ave. Bridge Speech (1.82 MB) - Roxy, like most women, babble on and on and refuse to shut up. While you're begging for her to zip her yap, this is the calm, relaxing music you'll hear.

Boss Music (2.44 MB) - Here comes the big boss! (UHH!) Let's get it on.

Industrial Revolution (2.85 MB) - These spooky vibes emanate from the W.S.L. Co. Warehouse and the 3rd Wheel Factory. Apparently, all industrial activity in River City revolves around ghosts in some way.

River City High (3.02 MB) - The staff of River City High school believes in the three R's: ruthlessness, robbery, and rocking out! Get down, you funky defender of freedom!

Final Encounter (2.57 MB) - This is it! Can you save River City from the clutches of evil? But of course!

Don't Know (2.73 MB) - Not Sure

Don't Know (2.47 MB) - Not Sure