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Leonard's Law

Leonard "J." Crabs, the one-man legal defense team representin' Something Awful, has taken time out of his busy schedule of squashing the imaginary bugs that infest his toolshed so that he may write an informative and helpful legal advice column to help you, the viewer! However, until Mr. Crabs finds a way to write and make sense at the same time, we present to you the next best thing: "Leonard's Law." If you have any legal questions you'd like to ask Mr. Crabs, feel free to email him.

Date Topics:

Suing your boss, surgical mishaps, parental abuse. Plus Leonard talks about winning legal strategies that don't involve murdering the jury members.


Health insurance, filing for divorce, bankruptcy, liens. Plus Leonard reveals he was a 500-foot tall Leprechaun that could shoot fire out of his nipples.

Current Features: