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Hi there folks and folkettes, I'm Dr. Draw and I am legally required by the state of Arizona to tell you that I am technically not a doctor. I think we're all doctors of a little something I like to call "the game of life" and maybe something else that I call "living art". You see, in your own way even snakes like YOU live art. You might not even know it, but the lowliest snake in the hen house lives and breathes art and creates it every time they talk, or roll around in the grass, or even just let out a sigh. Not including leprechauns of course. Me, I'm a cartoonist and I've been drawing cartoons for the Tuscon Post for nearly thirty years, they've only been printing them for a few months though, haha, little joke, excuse my cotton sense.

My legal name is actually Dr Draw, I had it changed in 1978 after I completed my schooling at the Arizona Institute of Higher Artistry. Unfortunately the AI of HA closed its doors the year I graduated, which is why I created this web site today, to spread the good vibes to every little snake out there with the exception of leprechauns.


Sometimes I like to draw every animal not counting leprechauns, here are some animal sketches I did that will help you get a foothold on the slippery slope of style.

This is the nice mr. dog that lives next door to me. I called the policemen a lot about him because he was barking up a storm like a cloudy day snake and then I took him one night to a friend of mine and he did an operation to calm him down a little. Now we're best buddies. Notice the emotion I captured in his eyes! He's just like that in person if you know him.

I have always been a great friend of turtles whenever I meet them. They are some of nature's smartest friends and they don't play any tricks. I think a lot of clouds look like turtles, don't you? But this is a realistic illustration, so take notice of that fact please.

I used to own a cat until those snakes in Washington decided to take him away from me. My wife...yes I do have a wife ladies, sorry...was really sad to see him go, but hopefully he's living it large with the president. I feel that I really captured the playfulness of a cat in this illustration, but what do you think?!

This is my favorite! I have a hard time thinking of a more fabulous snake than a horse and I really enjoy sitting down and taking the time to draw one up. A lot of times I like to challenge myself by drawing a drawing instead of using a photo or a real person. The leprechauns don't like this and they will fight it in the highest court of the land.


Pardon my little play on words there, I've got quite a knack for that but I can get a little carried away. I mentioned earlier that despite all the years of leprechaun infiltration at the Tuscon Post they actually printed four panels of my comic called "Family Affairs". This all happened in 1986, back before the leprechauns got their way again and all the good snakes got pushed to the sidelines.

This one was a very excellent one that kicked off my appearances in the newspaper before the leprechauns started trouble. I think it's true to life.

Some words were said about me by some of the more gossipin' snakes around town about this one, but that's okay because I learn to accept being famous.

I don't know what I was thinking with this one, but it must not have been anything good because I sure don't care for it much any more. But to be complete here it is.

Now I just plain think this one is a hoot! But the leprechaun letters were pilin' up and my talent just wasn't a match for them.


The real problem with leprechauns goes all the way back to 1983, when I was minding my own galdarn business out on my ranch in West Nutt. These two leprechaun fellas came right up to me and start shoving me and I am just not the kind of snake that takes much of a liking to that sort of behavior. I kicked one of them square in the How-do-you-do and he started smoking like a cheap cigar, his little buddy there kept kicking and fussing the whole time. It was quite a scene!

Pretty soon after that some snakes from the police came and paid me a visit and said that the leprechauns had called them and told them that I assaulted them. They were not minding their business, no way, no how. They were itching for a fight and cruisin' for a bruisin' and that's just what they up and got from me. It would have been a lot worse for them if Gladys hadn't come out to calm things down a little bit. She's got a real way with people and leprechauns that just soothes things up real nice.

We need to look ahead to the future of art. There is a lot of powerful potential inside computers and I have been studying long and hard to unlock it and share it with you all. I admit I'm not quite the best snake in the canyon at those machines but I do my piece. So I started out with a picture of me, hopefully I'll have more soon.

I sure do thank you for stopping by and living art with me for a little bit anyway. If you're interested in finding out more you can just read through this.