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Hello!Hey kids! It's four-alarm fun with� Fireman Comics! Back in a gentler, more innocent time, Fireman Comics were enjoyed by children of all ages (mostly single digits, though). Your parents probably have fond memories of taking the lunch money they stole from the class geek-wad down to the corner drugstore and plunking down a nickel for the latest Fireman Comic book or collection of Fireman Comic strips. They were quite nifty keen! Today, reprints of Fireman Comics continue to inspire and amuse thousands of impressionable youngsters across the globe. NOW THAT'S SWELL!

11/25/02 - Closed For Fire Code Violations

Oh hi! Forgot to mention two months ago that this site will probably never be updated again, so quit asking for new garbage. You'll have to find repetitive, poorly done "entertainment" elsewhere! Go stare at a wall of walnuts or screen Taco's unwatchable YOU ARE A CHEF!!!!!! movie, featuring some dramatic voice work by a familar farce. And remember, firemen aren't really evil!


09/08/02 - Teddy Bear Suckfest!

Yup. New Flash movie. Yup. It's no good. It's Teddy Bear's Picnic. I think. Yup.

09/01/02 - Baseball Ballyhoo!

Yet another new Flash movie, but this one is a Flash game! And it's a mystery. And the acting is really, really good. Enter the interactive world of You Adventure #1: Baseball Ballyhoo!

08/13/02 - High Society

Another new Flash movie, but this one is quite the disappointment. It's High Society. Hey, you get what you pay for, PAL!

07/15/02 - Next Week!

I teamed up with Lowtax to make another Flash movie called "Next Week!" Watch it, jerk!

07/01/02 - Aborted!

So here's a "new" Flash Movie entitled Aborted! that I should have released in February, but didn't due to being a lout. You will not enjoy this.

05/01/02 - Game On!

Look for Fireman Comics: The Interactive Video Game in stores everywhere this fall!

That's a lot of box!

03/29/02 - Hello!

TAOC THE WONDERDOUGH and I have co-produced a new Flash motion movie! You can see it here, yes?

02/23/02 - The End?

I'm all out of Fireman Comics! Here's the last one:

Fireman Comics #25

Way to wrap things up in a pretty bow, Fireman!

See, since the last thing Fireman says in the last comic is the same as the first thing he says in the first Fireman comic, it's got, like, this really deep meaning. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure it's quite touching!

02/16/02 - Oscar The Grout!

A Nerd in His Shoe has made another terrible Flash movie. Presenting Nerdshoe's Oscar Preview!

01/28/02 - Legal Aliens!

My supply of Fireman Comics is running low. Could this be the very last one? Oh wait, I found one more in a basket. But what happens after the next one? Oooh, suspense.

Fireman Comics #24

Give 'em smell, Fireman!

01/21/02 - Donut Do That!

Another Fireman Comic and another Flash motion movie! And to think you get all this value for free!

Fireman Comics #23

That's using your head, Fireman!

01/14/02 - Taking The Subway!

Open wide, it's a brand-old Fireman Comic!

Fireman Comics #22

Now that's what I call a great weight loss program!

01/10/02 - It's Murder!

What's this? Could it be a thrilling new Flash motion picture by K-Dog? Yes! Go view Murderous Deception right now and be the first to solve the mystery! The tickets are free.

12/17/01 - Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from your fire department!

Fireman Comics #21

'Tis the season, Fireman!

12/03/01 - Flame On!

Another Fireman Comic! Really scraping the bottom of the barrel, now!

Fireman Comics #20

Oh Fireman, will you never learn?

11/26/01 - Strip Tease

This week, a collection of four Fireman Comic strips!

Fireman Comics #19

You got that right!

11/19/01 - Only The Lonely!

What's this? A completely different comic entitled Lonely Linda? Let's give it a try!

Lonely Linda

Those charming Firemen! What lucky lady is next in line?

11/12/01 - To Tell The Truth!

It seems Fireman and Fireman are up to their old tricks! Oh that wacky Fireman and his antics! Let's take a gander at their latest adventure, shall we?

Fireman Comics #18

You won't be needing that where you're going, pal!

11/05/01 - A One... Two... Tree!

Another week, another Fireman Comic! Do you notice a pattern?

Fireman Comics #17

A bold strategy indeed!

10/29/01 - A Happy Hallo!

Hooray for Halloween! Please enjoy Fireman and Fireman's spooky festivities. In other news, check out A Foreign Film, my latest Flash movie thing.

Fireman Comics #16

Hearty Yarr Harr, Fireman!

10/22/01 - Inspection Gadget!

Shhh. Hear that? It's the sound of another Fireman Comic! Also, a Nerd In His Shoe has slapped up a new flash movie called Nerdshoe: Console War, but it has nothing to do with Fireman Comics: he just babbles on and on about GameCubes and Xboxes and other videogaming nonsense.

Fireman Comics #15

Now that's hard to swallow!

10/08/01 - Fireman Comics: The Movie!

Golly, you cats and kittens sure are in for a great gummy treat! That's right, this week we're proud to present� "Your Fire Department," a Fireman Comics film! This is a must-see for Fireman Comics fans and historians alike.

Just watch the damn movie, you can thank me later!

10/01/01 - Sense Ability!

Fireman Comics is back! Let's check up on the antics, shall we?

Fireman Comics #14

Way to go for the gold, Fireman!

09/24/01 - Fantastic Failure!

The Other "Art" page has been updated with a bunch of Failed Comics! These are all terrible strips of mine which - for obvious reasons - just didn't work out. You'll be shocked and not amused!

Fireman Comics will return next week.

09/10/01 - An Able Fable!

Surprise! I'm throwing you buzzards a little changeup this week: instead of Fireman Comics, here's an old Able Joe comic for you to enjoy! Also, I've moved all my fancy Flash movies into their own brand-new section! So chew on that, I guess.

Able Joe

Oh, I get it! Ho-ho, laughs aplenty!

09/03/01 - Yippie For Hippies!

Another week, another old Fireman Comic. It's like the moon! And don't forget to watch the new(ish) Alien Invasion Flash Movie!

Fireman Comics #13

Oh Fireman, you're so silly!

08/28/01 - New Flash Movie!

I've made a new flash movie entitled "Alien Invasion"! It's about aliens, music, and perhaps even the antics of a certain yellow-suited fellow we all enjoy! Just go watch it now, you won't regret it!

08/27/01 - Malt, Who Goes There?!?

Huzzah, a new Fireman Comic!

Fireman Comics #12

Good detective work, guys!

08/20/01 - Strip Down!

For a change of pace, this week's Fireman Comics are a collection of four strips from the newspapers, rather than the newer (late 50's) comic book format you're probably used to.

Fireman Comics #11

How charming!

08/13/01 - Fire Rules!

Question: A new Fireman Comic? Answer: Why, yes! Also, the Other Art page has been updated with a special surprise Flash multimedia cinema for your viewing pleasure!

Fireman Comics #10

Way to keep cool under pressure, Fireman!

08/05/01 - Water Surprise!

Here's this week's educational Fireman Comic. Yippie!

Fireman Comics #9

Well done!

07/30/01 - Hello, Dirty Bear!

A lot of you have asked me to post some old Dirty Bear comics, so here you go. Also, there's some updates on the Other Art page featuring more lovely pieces of artwork I've painstakingly created in the past!

Dirty Bear Comic

Once again, Dirty Bear has taught us a very important lesson!

07/23/01 - Bank Shot!

Oh look! Another Fireman Comic!

Fireman Comics #8

Now that's something!

07/16/01 - Welcome, Jerks!

Today is the grand opening of the Fireman Comics online Internet World Wide Web e-community interactive cyber page! To kick things off, here's a brand new Fireman Comic. Enjoy!

Fireman Comics #7

Tune in next week for more Fireman antics!

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