Dakaitana Versis Daimakaimura (that si teh Japanese naem for "Ghouls n' Ghosts" in Japenese)

BY JEFF K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was ovar at Jerrys house yesrtarday and I told him, "I playaed Daykaitena yestarday and it was a vary good gaem!" and he says "JEFF, that gaem has been out vary long tiem!" and I was saying "NO, IT JUST CAME OUT YUO STUPID FAGOT!" and I threw a shoe at his head. Then Jerry showed me on his Gaem emulaetor that ther was a gaem caled "DAIMAKAIMURA", and it was teh Japanese name for "GHOULES AND GHOSTS!""!!! I WAS SHOCKED AND APPALED!!!! so me and Jerry decieded to maek a game comparisone between Dakaitantia and Daimakamuriaia becuase they are both god gaems but NOT AS GOOD AS YUO MAY THINK ONCE YUO HAVE READ THIS ARTICAL!!!

Sectian One: graphics!

in Japanese "Daimakkaimurea" means "Great Demon World Village" (it says so on ths paeg) and thats about teh stupidest thing Ive evar heard. I asked Jerry says he didant know what "Daiketania" meant in Japanese becuase it wasent listed in Babbalfish so I decided too figare it out myself:

DAIKETINA can be brokan up into: DIE, KA, TANA. then yuo look at it and "DIE" means "too kill", but can also means "dice like dungons and dragons", wihc is a papaer / pen roll palaying game, so first part means "paper". "KA" is an Egyptian word I think, meaning "SUN GOD", he forced slaves too build pyramads and break teh nose off teh spinx. then theres "TANA" which si close too "Tanya" who was secrat spy in "Comand and conquere". So yuo puts it togethar and get "PAPER SUN GOD WOMAN SPY" and thats just a relly stupid naem for a gaem too. So yuo can see John ROmeo si copying teh game right their by being stupid.

right when palaying teh game yuo notice one thing: Daykaytnia is COPYING GHOULS AND GHOSTS! Why? Simpal: in Daekatuina yuor supposed to traval into tiem and get a magic sword. IN Ghouls and ghosts yuo have a magic sword to! LOOK AT TEH SCRENSHOTS OF TEH MAIN CHARACTAR FOR FURTHAR PROOF:

teh hero in "Ghouls and ghosts". Wears armor and has a beard. here si an screenshot from "Dayaktana". Jerry couldant get it too work right.

Jerry couldant take screnshots of Daiekitana right becuse his video card is sucks. HE HAS AN AMD TOO, WITCH EXPLAINES A LOT!!! they got his computar at Fry's, which si a museum of filth. BUT the point is teh same - in both gaems yuo are a tiny man who shots enemies and uses a sword!!! JOHN ROMEO, HAEV YUO NO SHAME FOR COPYING GHOULS AND GHOASTS??? go back to smarty man computar designar school for hippies and hear's a hint too: USEING A SHAMPOO WITH VITAMIN C HELPS GIVE LUSTAR TO SILKY HAIR!!!!

her are soem more graphics from Ghouls and ghosts too show yuo that Eon Storm is probaly a vary bad companey too do busness with:

turtals are haveing sex in this pictare, John Romeo has frogs, ENOUGH SAID!!! Maney birds of pray are in teh tree, I saw screnshots of birds in Daieyetkana, score ANOTHAR POINT FOR GHOULS AND GOASTS or I think they were inseicts
all kinfds of crazy shits going on hear, watch out for dirt penis, MISTAR HERO ARTHUR fat dinner fork pig wants too stabs me with silvarware, I hide on teh laddar for now, then I maek my move!!2

As yuo can tell, maps are a lot of \green and brown. Daekitana uses gren and brown too, John Romeo must be nuts I guess. Here si a screnshot to proof this:

sorrey, Jerry mesed it up againe

teh screnshot didant come out right, I dont know what Jerry did, he uses an AMD and nvideo card, and we all know problams that come with Nividea. They says 3DFX si a lying companey but Brian Burke can maek cards that runs Unreale Tournaments fast, so nobody's perfect I guess!!!# Teh screnshot was of maney frogs and bugs that do attacks yuo in map #1, just liek Ghouls and Ghoastes. Now for teh CRITICS CORNAR:

JERRY: "Daily Radar says Daikatana made 'PCXL' go out of buisness and I believe them!!!"
JERRY: "Look at the graphics, Dakatana runs on the Doom engine and the 7-bit graphics don't have enough space for very good t-buffers. I could probably change the dll to mod the warezed copy of it and get some good refreshes."
JEFF K: "YEAH, and WFT si NALI HEALEING FRUITS dooing on it to?!? yuo eat appals to get health yuo lost from being eatan by frogs!"
JERRY: "Very stupid!"
Jerry: "No, the game you assmonkey!!!"
JEFF K: "OH, OKEY, sorrey Jerry."


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