-BY JEFF K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here si my report from E3! they did nots let me in becuase they said I was to young but teh JOEK WAS ON THEM! I STILL GOTS EXCLUSEIVE PICTARES AND SCOOPED INSCITE MAGAZINE, SEE LOOKS:

PS: pleas click teh pictarues, I need maney paeg hits to beat inscite magazine becuase they haev videos of tomb raider and Lara Croft si sexy/

here si an pictaure of E3 from flower bush. I had too duck becuase security was watching me becuase I threw rocks at Cliffy B (fagot) here si teh booth for daekatina. it was not festively adorned and smelled terribal. this was press only membars area. I was let in becuase I am l33t. everaybody else was fagOTS. i used a pentium 5003829384000 with RAM
here si teh ground. many fameous poeple walks here, Like maeybe John Carmack?!? some steps to a conferance hall. I wents up them and met CHIRSTIAN ANTCOW!!!! but not his sistar. she si hot and we will marrey someday, I think PS: I DIDANT RELLY MEET CHRITSTIAN ANTCOW the conferance centar. I got a bettar pictar then before. Mayeb later I will take picatares of teh games. BUT me an Jerry are camping out, so mayeb not.

DAILEY DIAREY: 5-11-2000: I mets Blue and Loneyboy and France at E#. They were vary nice. I hit France on teh face with a brick and says "YUO BETTAR POST MY INTARVIEWS LATAR" and Blue looks like Denis Millar. Lonneyboy has nice hair, and France is from Cuba. He si vary nice to, but talks silley.

Security wouldant let me in becuase I am too young. I says "BUT I INTARVIEWED CLIFFRY B." and they said "NO FAGOTS TOO!" and said Cliffy B wasn't let in either becuse teh terribal secrat regarding Unreale Tournaemint si that its for MENTAL MIDGITS (which you know already_). So i hung outside and saw HOT WOMEN FOR INSCITE MAGAZINE but i didant touch theyre boobs becuase THEYR THE COMPETITION FOR ME! I am writeing a gaemign magazine called :"GAME POWER FOR GAMERS REVOLUTION GAMING WEEKLKY GAMERS WEEK" and it will scoop inscite, who writes abotu Crash Bandictoot (STUPID IF YOU ASK ME). Then Redwood came out, he si 8 foot 10 and weighes 500 puounds and he ate some trees like a dinosaure from Jurassec Park. and he ate Lonneyboy but not France (France smelled). Then it got dark and scarey peoeple came out so me and Jerry ran away to his uncals house. His uncal is a Veeitnam war veritarn and he says funny things. Once he made a sandwich out of eggs (they were in teh shells) and we says "MACKEY (he si caled Mackey) WHAT ARE YUO DOING?!?!?" and then he falls down and says "I NEVER LOVED YOU ALICE" and it was funny so we took marakars and wrote all ovar his face liek Jiggglypuff dose. SPEAKING OF, we saw teh Pikachu car too. And a Digimon game too. Diginmon is for fagots like Redwood, who says "ARGH, I WANTS TOO PLAY DIGITMON, BUT MY FINGARS ARE LIKE TEH MIGHTY OAK TREE AND I SMAHSES CONTROLLAR EASILY, VARY BAD BISNUSS DIGITMAN, RAR!!!"

I will taek more pictares tomorow. I wil haev showdown with Clify B. it will be a big fight, where Cliffy Learns taht PAIN HURTS. GET READEY FOR A WORALD OF HURT, CLIFFY!!!!


-JEFF K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!