LOOKS i haev continued my awards-winning jornalism with anothar STAR-STUDDED Intarview!!! thes one si with JAKE Simpson of Raven softwares who maeks teh games: Sodlar of Fortune, Heretic 2, and Star Track: l33t Farce!!! now i intarviewed him about his Star Track gaem which i haevnt playaed yet becuase it si not out yet!!!! but okey hear si teh intarview!

by JEFF K!!! Mastar king

PAGE 2!!!

wahhhhh!!! a horribal monstar crashes Roman partey! RUN!

JEFF K.!!!! - Mayebe peopal confuse yuo with Howie Mandel at Sears???

yes i haev familey site becuase my brothar visited it onsce

Jake Simpson - Really? What did he think?

JEFF K.!!!! - he said "MORE PICTARES" and then i hits him with a shoe

i said "TASTES MY PAIN!"

Jake Simpson - Actually Jeff, can I ask you - is there any more erotic fiction coming? My wife and I use to it get us in the 'mood' if you know what I mean - wink wink.

JEFF K.!!!! - oh, so that kind of marraige is legal in whatevar state yuo live in??? how do yuo know which one si teh wife in teh relatianship?!?


Jake Simpson - She shaves more often than I do.

JEFF K.!!!! - ugh


ugh~ enough!!! no moer JAEK

Jake Simpson - Her legs! Her legs! What did you think I meant ?

JEFF K.!!!! - shut up

SO how coem ther si 10000000 gaems about STAR TRACK comineing out evary day?!?

do we needs thes many STAR TRACK gaems?

Jake Simpson - Didn't you know that's a new law here in America? It's called Uhura's law. It's all part of our conspiracy to take over the world.

JEFF K.!!!! - ooh, secrat exlcklusevicee informatian

I would say I scoooped Inscite magazine but HEY BABEY THEYRE IN BROKESVILLE, POPULATION: 1!!!


Jake Simpson - That's it. I confide in you because I feel you are a brother coder.

JEFF K.!!!! - Okey so what si yuor sstar track gaem about?

space probly. and martians! and a spaceships#

Jake Simpson - It's about the StarShip Voyager, and all the people on it. You get to go boldy places where no one has been before.

JEFF K.!!!! - Voyarger??? what abouts teh millineum falcon??

Jake Simpson - Yes, I can exclusively reveal here that the Millenium falcon makes a cameo near the end of the game, when it swoops down out of the sun.

JEFF K.!!!! - STAR TRWOAH cool!!! i will buy thes gaem if I gets moneys (which i proably wont because i dont haev any moneys!!!) but i will if I do an3

Jake Simpson - Can't you borrow some from your brother?

JEFF K.!!!! - no hes broken!

so can yuo palay as JAVA TEH HUTT? he si big and fat liek sasanta

green santa says "HO HO HO, HEAR COEMS HAN SOLO!!!"

Jake Simpson - Yes you can, but you have to own 5 copies of the game first. There is some cool...uh..game purchase counter code in the game, that only reveals new characters when you own 5 copies.