Intrdocution: I tlaked to thees two chuckal bugses about thaer new game TOMMARROWWWIND which is a rollplayning game witch lets you lives anothar lives explorea nother wolrd!!111 and I am not looking forword to teh calamity of its rallease!!@" They were vary arguamental in the intarview and I had to head thigns off at the pass! They convincad Wonder Woman to do a voice in their game! OH GOOD WORKS GUYS THE FIREWORKS ARE EXPLODING OVERHED AT THSI ACCOMPLSHMENT!!!1 I am ni a tizzy!

- BY JEFFK!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Todd Haword works on Tomorrowwwind out of his house wtih his girlfreind!!1 (Teh dog is his girlfreind!!)
JEFFK:: Hello sirs I am JeffK and welcome to my dungeon!

Todd: I�ve got your dog down here, now let me out before I snap its neck. Didn�t you see Silence of the Lambs? You know how this ends.

Pete: Thanks JeffK. Love what you've done with the place. It's really...disgusting. Is that underwear?

JEFFK:OH AHAHA ITS FUNNAY I GET TEH JOKE. I don't own a dog so touhg nuts!!1

Todd: I said let me out of here or the dog gets it.

JEFFK:Dummay I dont own a dog. I have places to go and poeple to go to, so lets get these shows on the road ladeis!!!1 I thank the queston on everyone's lips and teh scuttlebutt around town is Can you play a cylcops in TOMORROWWWIND?

Pete: You cannot play a cyclops, but we do encourage you to play as a cyclops and use only one eye. If you find yourself peaking, cover it with a patch or jab a pencil in there to keep yourself honest.

JEFFK: Oh raely? I heard on the grape vine that nevarwinter nights has a cyclopses you can play! I am vary interested in palying a cyclopses who uses a big axe which he can grant Pain to his enemays with. What would be the axe of choice for a seksay psyclocps?!!11

Petar Heins is no bettar but saves his kissas for Jerry.
Todd: Yeh, NWN stole that from us, we had in Elder Scrolls Negative One, which was the best of the series IMHO. The axe from that game was the �Axe of Let Me the Hell Out of This Interview�

Pete: We hear that the NWN team hates cyclopses and thinks that people who like cyclopses are suxxor. We hear that they hate you, JeffK. On the other hand, we think cyclopses are l33t and the people who like them are l33t roxxor dOOdz!

JEFFK: Petar you make me ashmaed to be a man! There is a lot fo equipment in this game and you can lives another life! If I am going to be a Cyclops what land do I start in?!!!

Pete: I believe that would be the Land of Confusion, where Phil Collins and a claymation Ronald Reagan reign supreme.

JEFFK: Like the game Clay faighter 2: Judgeament Clay. Jerry loved that game butt it si for fagorts and Tim Burttons.

Todd: Hey, was that the doorbell? You should get that. I�ll wait here.

JEFFK: Pete why did you baring thsi buckat of murth?! Pete, sa a psyclops I would weild rocks and also the axe which I mentioned earlier. Can I get more powerful rocks or are all of them teh same (enchanting rocks would be a bonsu!)??!!?

Todd: Remember that game Moon Patrol? Yeh�that was great. They had rocks in there too. Oh, and Jungle King, those rocks were big. Doorbell.

JEFFK: Are yuo sure it isnat my dog that you were making whoopee wtih Toadd?!

Pete: We have a wide array of rocks for you to use, in addition to the numerous bright, shiny objects I know your cyclops will enjoy looking at for hours.

JEFFK: Is the terrain destructianible like in Red Farction? In Red Faction I can dig a whole to China and then come out on the othar side and waled rocks on the Chinese!!!!

Todd: Oh sure. In Morrowind you can dig a hole to Britannia and throw rocks at Lord British and Iolo.

Pete: Actually, because our planet is flat and only 2 feet deep. If you try to dig a hole you'll fall out the other side into outer space. There are lots of rocks in outer space though, which would be good for you.

MOER of these horsse hogs on teh next paeg!!>>>>>>>>>..