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What the fuck
By Emily "Integral" Reigel

I hate Rich for who he is. This is the worst idea he's ever thought of, and trust me, he's got enough retarded ideas to choke Louie Anderson. Did I ever tell you Internet people about his idea to sell his own blood through eBay for cloning purposes? Yeah, that's right, he thought somebody would buy his infected blood to make clones of him or something equally ridiculous. If somebody really wanted his blood, they'd beat it out of him like people invariably do every time we leave this hellhole apartment, which is about once every four weeks. I want to crush the skull of that gypsy woman who put the curse on me, forcing me to live my life with a, dear lord, WEBMASTER. God this sucks.

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dude, ur hot.


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pics plz

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From: lollinoutloud@garbagetruck@com

are you naked

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this site truly is "something Awful"

ps: pics plz

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Oh greetings, Richard's female partner in crime. How does it feel to be a terrist? Your site is going down and it's going down like the Tittanic. I'll be there laughing when your carted off to jail where you belong. I'm fine tuning phase 189, which involves a large wheel, and once it's done you'll be down and out for good.


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