WOMON's ROOM - This all-stall room is designed for coerced women who are interested, but unsure about assuming a new gender identity and are in high trigger situations. It provides maximum privacy and a trigger-free environment similar to the Zie's Room along with a recording playing empowering words and phrases such as "MANTIS QUEEN" and "DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY" and "MEN FEAR YOU." If you choose you can enter the red stall and forgo your humanity and become an iron robot with fire beams to destroy male gaze. To be clear, this replaces your body with that of a ten-foot berserker robot, but you can still choose to redefine your gender identity whenever you wish.

(men's) ROOM - For forcibly-assigned at birth men who have chosen to remain as men and are r-eyed bigots in all likelihood. Fixtures include a sloshing, piss filled inflatable pool that a man must lay down in face-first to relieve himself. "YOU ARE A VILE PIG" plays over a screeching tannoy. Car exhaust is steadily pumped into the room from the garage.

NEUTRAL's ROOM - This room is for all who have chosen to completely deny the false dichotomy of traditional gender constructs. It is not meant as a comment on anyone else's choice of gender. By becoming nothing, you become everything and you may relieve yourself in a whirlpool bathtub.

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