Advice? First of all, suppress the memories of your father molested you. Then you can finally enjoy sex.

To have big normal poops. That's the American dream. The fact is, there are people all over this great nation of ours who can't take normal dumps. Will you help? A small donation can provide enough fiber for ten big craps. Call today, before it's too late.

Who would of thought there would be drama in a stripper's life?

Can't let no pregnant BITCH bring me down! I'm still having fun and discovering all sorts of new venereal diseases.

I don't think this girl fully understands the concept of a strip club.

The non-breeders shall inherit the Earth!

If I had included the picture I'd be tried with war crimes.

It's only natural to bang random strangers and cheat on all your boyfriends until you find that Mr. Right.

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