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Phone Call - 4.15.2000

Somebody called me on the phone today, and I picked it up and said, "hello?" but nobody answered. I think it was a wrong number, but I'm not sure. I'm going to write an email to Mark from TheMarkSide.com and ask him if he knew who it was (Mark knows these kind of things).

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Movie Tonight? - 4.15.2000

I think I'm going to go out and see that movie I was talking about tonight, I forgot the name. It's the one with the space aliens and the car. Has anybody seen it? If so, how did you like it?

PS: I still want to be hosted on the best E/N site out there, TheMarkSide.com. Everybody please write to him and check out his site so he might host me. Thank you.

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Ronnie! - 4.15.2000

My friend Ronnie and I were on IRC last night and had this HILARIOUS conversation. Here's one of the best parts from it:

Lowtax: So, did you hear about Dave?
Ronnie: No, what happened?
Lowtax: I heard he's grounded for a few days because he locked his sister in her room when he was supposed to be babysitting her
Ronnie: That sucks, I wanted to go see that movie with him.
Lowtax: Yeah, we'll have to do it another time, I guess.

Ronnie is such a funny guy. In case you didn't know (yeah, right!), he runs the hosted site "Mayor McCheese's". Go check it out and say hi. It's not as good as TheMarkside.com (asskissing!), but it's really good.

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Hmmm, lunch? - 4.15.2000

I'm thinking of going to go get a sandwich to eat in a bit, but I'm not sure where I want to go to eat. There's this KFC down the road, and I heard their sandwiches were good, but I don't know... I heard Mark from TheMarkSide.com didn't like the sandwiches there.

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Cable - 4.15.2000

My cable just went out for a couple minutes which really sucks. I mean, my parents pay $30 a month for it, and the damn thing keeps sporadically going out. There was a good show on HBO I was watching too, but I can't remember the name of it. Something about Joe Frazier. Maybe I'll email Mark from TheMarkSide.com and ask him if he's seen it.

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Good Music - 4.15.2000

I just found a really good mp3 site and download some of my favorite songs from it, but the address just went down. I'll put it up again later if it comes back up. I think it might have been featured on TheMarkSide.com once, so if you can find the link, please email it to me.

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My Dad - 4.15.2000

My dad is yelling about something right now, I'm not sure what. He's been real cranky lately and I don't know why. I can't wait until I graduate high school and move out. I wonder at what age Mark from TheMarkSide.com moved out of his parent's house?

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Crosswords - 4.15.2000

Anybody know a 6-letter word for "frustrated"? I need to know it for this crossword puzzle I'm working on.

UPDATE: I figured it out.

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Good Morning - 4.15.2000

I just woke up and it looks like a really nice day outside. I probably won't go out and do anything though, because I have a lot of homework I have to do. I had a dream last night about a giant glove that attacked me, it was weird.

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