Name: #86/68
Occupation: Football Player/American Hero

#86/68 is America's first line of defense when it comes to thwarting evil.  #86/68's undying faith in democracy and the American way of life make him an unstoppable force on and off the field.  #86/68 endorses a clean lifestyle and moral living, standing in sharp, triumphant contrast to the often amoral world around him.   

Name: The President of the USA
United States President

The President of the United States of America hand picked #86/68 to serve as America's greatest defender.  #86/68 rose to the occasion and quickly forged a great friendship with the President.  Together, they are the world's first line of defense against villainy.  

Name: The Coach
Football Coach

The Coach taught #86/68 to always give 110%, or 10% more effort than that of a normal man.  The extra 10% means that #86/68 excels at virtually everything he tries.  Coach knows just how to get the best out of his players, especially out of #86/68.  He is like a father to #86/68, and the man #86/68 turns to most for advice.  Without Coach, there would be no #86/68.

Name: Touchdown
#86/68's Dog

Touchdown is #86/68's beloved pet dog whose playful spirit embodies the innocence of America.

Name: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, in addition to being a versatile singer and actor, is a true American.  Although he and #86/68 shared an uneasy alliance, their common nationality made them the best of friends when defending American soil.

Name: Peter Sellers

Much of Peter Sellers' success is from American moviegoers, so when America is in trouble Peter Sellers is quick to offer his help.  Together, he and #86/68 traveled to an alien world and conquered it in the name of the US of A.  Although he might not look the part, Peter Sellers is quite an accomplished fighter.

Name: Bruce Lee
Martial Arts Master/Actor

Bruce Lee is a good friend of #86/68 and of America.  Using his martial arts skills, he has helped #86/68 and America defeat Adolf Hitler.  #86/68 knows that when he's in danger, he can always count on the help of Bruce Lee.

When Bruce isn't fighting the enemies of democracy, he is usually working on a new martial arts movie or practicing his skills. 

Name: Adolf Hitler
Evil Nazi Dictator

The nefarious leader of Nazi Germany has tried to defeat #86/68 on several occasions, but has failed every time.  Today, Adolf Hitler remains in hiding undoubtedly planning his next attack on America and her greatest hero, #86/68.

Name: Nazi Super Soldier
Nazi Soldier

The evil eugenics and genetic engineering programs embraced by the Nazis resulted in the creation of a race of Aryan supermen.  Their penchant for unnecessary roughness makes them extremely deadly.  They have one critical weakness, however.  They are no match for American determination!

Name: Joseph Stalin
Evil Communist Dictator

The treacherous leader of the Soviet Empire has made stopping #86/68 his personal goal.  However, a lack of resources and the fall of Communism has left him with few options.  Still, like Hitler, he is undoubtedly planning revenge. 

Name: Soviet Tacklebot
Communist Robot

The Soviets developed a series of powerful robots aimed at achieving gridiron supremacy.  The robots can be identified by their somewhat inhuman appearance and metal exterior.  

Name: Osama bin Ladin
International Terrorist

Osama bin Ladin is America's most wanted man.  Having perpetrated the worst terrorist act in recent memory, he is now constantly on the run from nearly every country, and especially from #86/68.  He is also the leader of the al Qaeda terrorist network.

Name: al Qaeda Terrorist
International Terrorist

The evil terrorists bent on destroying America and her allies.  The al Qaeda network was dismantled by #86/68, but some cells still lurk in the shadows, slowly rebuilding their strength for another battle.  Their suicidal offensive and defensive strategies means extra danger for anyone attempting to engage them.

Name: Aliens
Evil Alien Invaders

Little is known about the mysterious aliens, other than that the plan to take over the world.  


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