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Danger, the thing that we all crave, that drives us, that makes adventures worth adventuring. Some would say it's my middle name, but I think that's a bit clich�d personally. I would say that "Adventure" is my middle name, danger is just a part of that middle name, although not literally. This site is a celebration of that middle name's namesake of adventure. More specifically this site is a celebration of MY adventures, through time, through love, through all of the other exciting nouns that I can't quite think of right now.

Naturally, since I am always on the go and looking for adventure and romance I have asked Ms. Abromowitz, the intern here at the Timelab, to piece together my journal and scrapbook into a place on the Internet where fans and well-wishers could stop by and offer their thanks for saving the world. You can also find out a lot about a true American hero here on this web site! It's great, I gave Laura (that's Ms. Abromowitz) all of these little factoids about myself I had jotted down between adventures. Here, I'll have her insert one right after this sentence I'm writing and you can see what I mean.

Dareotoid #442 - When doing battle with a half-squid half-woman deep below the ocean I find it helps lower her defenses if you select a transparent face-mask that highlights your eyes. She will no doubt succumb to your intimate touch in a matter of moments and lose all consideration for tearing your limbs off and jamming them into her clacking she-beak.
Many of these notes were written right after I completed an amazing adventure that would shock you like an electric cheetah. I like to record my accomplishments for posterity while they're still fresh in my mind, that way when I go back and add what we in the adventuring industry like to call "lies" I can be sure that my lies are more grandiose than what actually happened. I think a great hero once said "if heroes didn't lie about their many exploits to make them sound even more awesome then no one else would want to be a hero and we would be all out of heroes." Oh, that's right, I said that right after I dispatched the Howling Alien Queen into the cold void of space. She definitely wasn't a keeper! Ha!

I had Ms. Abromowitz collect my notes in a sort of history or timeline or something about me so you can catch up quickly. There's also my personal journal which I have asked her to write for me and she will be updating it periodically on this site to keep you informed about the goings on in my neck of the time-space continuum. You can also see photographic evidence of my exploits in my amazing photo journal of adventure! If you really want to you can find out more about my coworkers at the Timelab, but what would drive you to do such a wholly dull and non-adventurous thing is beyond even me.

Best of all, in an effort to secure a funding grant for Timelab I will be illustrating my very own comic book from time to time. This comic is so amazing that Marvel and BC might as well shut their doors now because I am going to put them out of business! I'm taking a break from adventuring to recover from my sprained ankle I suffered during a really amazing beach volleyball match up at the Playboy mansion so I have been working feverishly on this first installment of my comic. Stay tuned folks!

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