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Armstrong in action is truly a sight to behold, and believe me I know, I own some mirrors and I like to flex without my shirt on. Ha! I've given some of the photos from my photo album to Laura to scan in, I'm not sure what she'll pick but it doesn't matter because they're all awesome and they all feature me. That's the most important part. I think if you stare at each picture long enough some of my sheer heroic nature might rub off on you. Probably not.

July 4th, 1997
I celebrate our great nation's independence from those Commie Brits by climbing to the highest point on earth. That would be Mount Awesome in the Himalayas.

August 22nd, 2000
Total babe Jennifer Connelly attends a movie premiere with me. Yep, I nailed her to the wall like a plaque of the Ten Commandments. That means we had sex.

January 1st, 2001
Here's me rocking out on New Years at our annual Timelab New Years Party. That's Laura next to me, you can tell she wants it. Oh yeah!

April 15th, 2002
My personal trainer Heidi gets a noogie courtesy of the badboy express Daring Armstrong. In case you're wondering I've bagged her too. Booya!

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