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Hello!Hey kids! It's four-alarm fun with´┐Ż Fireman Comics! Back in a gentler, more innocent time, Fireman Comics were enjoyed by children of all ages (mostly single digits, though). Your parents probably have fond memories of taking the lunch money they stole from the class geek-wad down to the corner drugstore and plunking down a nickel for the latest Fireman Comic book or collection of Fireman Comic strips. They were quite nifty keen! Today, reprints of Fireman Comics continue to inspire and amuse thousands of impressionable youngsters across the globe. NOW THAT'S SWELL!

05/28/05 update: New Flash Movie, Nerdshoe: Console War 2.
03/21/05 update: Learn how to play poker with Bill Fillmaff's Secret System!
11/28/04 update: Watch The Story of Thanksgiving/Christmas/whatever.
09/14/04 update: Watch Jeff's First Date.
01/22/04 update: Watch Fairy Cyst.
01/18/04 update: New Flash Movie, Saturday Morning Cartoon 2023.
05/18/03 update: New Flash Movie, You In Love.

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