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2.28.2000: Cranky Steve - UT CTF: "AndAction"
You've just seen the entire map.

Reviewed By: Cranky Steve

Game Mode Supported: CTF
Overuse of Colored Lighting: No
Spelling Errors in Text File: No text file
Pain Level: Carpet staples stuck into throat.

Download Here (17 k)





Another shot of the map in action. Can you feel the excitement?

AT A GLANCE: It's a 50-foot wide box of pure vomit.

DESCRIPTION: No text file was included.

THE MAP: You're in a small box. There are flags on each side, and a wooden pole in the middle. That is all. That's it. There are no other items, weapons, health, or anything in the map. All of the texturing is done with the wooden set, so you feel as if you're trapped in a crate the entire fucking time.

GAMEPLAY: A successful cap requires you to not only be able to run forward, but turn around and run back where you came from. If you have mastered both these skills, you will be able to ace this map and probably have the necessary skills to obtain a high ranking position at the local post office.

FUN FACTOR: It's quite fun until once the map has loaded. Then it begins to suck and you start seeing the faces of daemons float before your bloodshot eyes.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The smallest map in the world ensures one of the shortest map reviews I have ever done. This is a good thing, because I'd rather be cleaning the bathtub with my penis than play this again. This map ranks up there with covering myself with bacon grease and hanging around outside the Weight Watchers gym next door.

- Cranky Steve

Category: Rating:
Aesthetics: - 4
Gameplay: - 8
Item placement: - 10
Layout: - 10
Detail: - 10
TOTAL: - 42

Individual ratings go from 0 (bearable) to -10 (painfully terrible). Total score goes from 0 (ok) to -50 (the worst piece of shit you'll ever play).

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