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Who Are Us?

    We are the next generation of world music and our voices are our sole instruments. We need not these fancy electronics. Semi Automatic Turban makes the music in the ways of the yore.

    We are a talented troupe of musicians who makes the music in the ways of the yore. Our voices are our beautiful harmonies and charming beats. Look for a guitar or perhaps a drum of a kind? There is none to be found because the throat vocals are the key to the gentle sooth rhythms!

    In our home nation we had a many successes but now the aquatic divide has been crossed and our North American fortunes will soon be in the money bin. Semi Automatic Turban was founded in the AMERICAN year of 1989 and our first homemade compacts D's manufactured from the knee-twisted labor of our Grandparents own hands and homemade material sold quite well to local chums as well as the new of the lovers. Perhaps you remember jamming to our previous work (See albums page for more informations!). Our AMERICAN goals will place us very high on the list of the leaders.

    Who is our band? The dreams of a children! Is this not acceptable? I will slash your throats. As they say, the hip-hop can and will refuse to stop especially considering our fashionable invention in our first released collection of street-wise but pound foolish grooves.

    So sit back and kick it up and enjoy the dreamy wonder of the Semi Automatic Turban of the music. We hope this is enough of the informations, happy well listen-time!

    Dreams of Children

    There is nothings more importance than making sure Children have dreams because if we fail there will be no technology which we hate but less power for microwaves so we support them anyway but also support the bridge throwing if they are unruly. Also our name is reflective of who we see ourselves but can never be so you see the meaning has many faces so does the name. It is complex if you went to sand school but not for us because we bettered.

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