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Fan Funtesst!

    Here is a page to thanks the fans and keep them in line. No chaos will abound so keep firm! Thanks for friendship and keeping aloof. We may post a coresspondance from your fingers if see fit so keep watch.

    A Disaster Refuse NEW 10 November!

    Two month ago unrich menace say spit in face of plane safety and bad thing in result with death which no happy can ever relax. Why we in U.S.A. we say that there is we see people who say we are the bad. This is upset as we are in love with AMERICAN and have said we have AMERICAN dreams and successes. Do say not say us because of few bad goats. There are many of peace in both homeland and beyond and all children dreams are the same so our music is an international dream which we may share with you but not always but either way at least some of the ear listening is pumped into a head. We say prayers and say sorry and give a change purse to a red crossed. We are very sad but there is music and that makes it all for the good. So chin up to the right about the knees and say we will stop the bad goats but there are plenty good as well.

    The turban is a symbol of honor and friends having friends in other ways normal associate with not wearing cloth. This is a reason we tell people to pride in AMERICAN and many friend that we have that are not worm ridden. We say there is many thing for support and fly flag god bless american. This is how it is done in traditional way but the traditional way is not to scare people with airplane in building! I ever see a Bin Laden then perhaps my peace manner will shatter his jaw? I would bet on this with currency which converts into quarter with picture of bird on back slack pack.

    So say many people that have things they waist to say but the waste that comes with this is full of landfill to look through. We say not to have music play is sin? We play in personal on bag of old grocery we do not care we want help assistance lend in any way. Perhaps a sooth voice rythem to isolate a pain? We love and say whatever is the done to share music and tap and happy again is the old bastard of rich hard sills. This is how traditional say and AMERICAN win with full support. We say peace is better and this is better than piece of bread by dog! If I ever see this again result is same. Now as for clean whitewash I run away!

    Our Friend Dog And Dog History

    Unlike some of another bands from home nation we have interested multimedia many aspects. Here is a team up recent with a good friend named Taco The Wodner Dog. Here it is and it is a sitcom called "Mad About Scarsome Retarde" which we did a music THEME for and enjoyable result. This kind dog also makes us uses us music in his july of forth animation television special which we enjoy because as below seen we do not care for the presdident Bush.

    We wonder how a dog such could accomplish such magic and use a world wide web platform? In our land a dog is only to be a kicking target for soccer practice and sometimes wives. This is how it is done and no arguement since it worked for ancestors and they gave us the voices of magic sound to bless others with pleasure to ears. But this is all a dog can do in our nation so it is nice to see in land of OPPORTUNITY a rise up smart dog can make more accomplish. We have several things in commons but we will still try to eat into this wodner dog just of custom and nothing more of personal sorts. This is not for taste just to make lessons of others.

    We our reminded of old dog we call of name unknown. We say to dog many orders for tricks but response was limp. We say many things and sing a song of ancestory training but no work. Since a lost dog this was a boulder was attached about the hindquarter and a boulder was pushed upon a large cliff with dog leading way smashed to gills at bottom of rock quarry. This is how it is done and for this we give thanks. If only happy stops at every mat!!

    Stop Fire Bush!

    There President George W Bush

    Look and listen to the powers which are around you. There are many reasons to settle a thorny issue that which you do seem to ignore! We are not an Iraq or of heritage but of great respect and culture and many of friends we take heed to settle a wave of terror if the surf is building that is the surf which we are attempting to ride upon before attack shark. Hard as it appear there is a special cause for any who does not take a internation route when traveling to Mexico of all places? Why are you chit chat with those who take a drug and inject into a river without a treatment of angry disco? This is not the dance we want to engage in so stop or there will be something in your ear and a fly swat will not make any difference to.

    We are read that you speak a spanish language of small. Here is a word for you to consider: el donde esta el moral? Do you not see that there is moral issues. We speak to you in your forign mouth you gringo. We are proud to be AMERICAN now because our aquatic goals met sell many of albums and fame but we still want proud to continue for future use. Now if this if not in your plan why must you bomb a children and woman until they die? Because of line in sand drawn by a Russian swartscoff fellow? No this is not acceptable you hoard. The dreams of children is how are music is create. This will never stop because you have killed a member of our band who in potential pound pigskins for backbeat. Now we will have to settle for a machine. Why do you replace children with robot children George Bush? Their dreams contain more bolts and rust makes them transport differentcult.

    Standing in line for many to wait for a shot to the face. A desert wrap is not ample protection. In the Storm War there was a problem with a mystery illness. These land is cursed for chaos and you keep it right in the same place! Soldiers can not set foot on the Middle East sand for fear of feet. Feet will weaken if given a ample proper. Don't say any angle will adult you in any way because George Bush your as grown up as small elf snatching at wooden trees for wintertime supply! As you say.

    I trust you have decided that you are not hoard? This is not a season for slashing a throat but many will think not so once uniformed in the colors of to broad stroke! I have a reason and you thought wrong. Sorry apology not good enough because your face tells lies with a gust. We have tried the florish of buckets to finish our notch but the matter is still not a slap upon the knees by any bend of brain. So keep up if you wish to stay but if your here for the meal we have failed in the eat with your own hands you tarnish scum!

    Trusting Trouble

    Here is another tale of homeland whole for those who request... there had a lesson so pay heed or suffer, upstart!

    There is something to be gained from your early trouble. This was what the old crooner learned when he talked the street man. Street man says that He is who told him He was who he was. But He was not of morals as he was a working for Him. And Him was spelled as Hee! The defiect did not last with long order as Hee soon came to realize.

    A street man of this this time was expected to be a worthy anniversary. So when a date came a long an acceptanace was considered common ground. This was not a case for the street man since Hee was really using Him in his attribute to decieve him to go to the dance of high elder!

    The old crooner felt honored by this request but a quick stamp of crooner boot led to a quick death of Hims loyal subject at hand of palance guards. Hee was an outrage but had to have a quick clamp in this invent. So the street man danced with great presents but there was another matter of vengeance to attend to...

    Him soon asked Hee to take care of matter but passed upon the street man as a matter of shame. Regretful, street man was obeyed and sliced a neck meat of the old crooner until death was a sleep which the crooner could see he could not wake about. Him was gratiful.

    But the street man learned that TRUSTING TROUBLE will only lead to own glorification. With the sadness of his past the street man became a diplomat to future stars of the cinema for our homeland but not without a hard lesson learned with a life of sin.

    Take heed for this as well in your own life and we will thank you with own help. Sheet man never life long any-how.

    Grandparents From Letter

    As many know there was time when knee-twisted labor of grandparents key to early success in hand making our CDs by own homegrown. No manufacture just ways of yore for compact album and 8 trick at the time. NO stand up of body naked or sex video television (cover with viels please). Here is a letter of fame from Grandparents who we have translate to AMERICAN as well as we care:

    Good heaven. Heard story of electronic future with forgot of roots and ways of yore? No stop or die! Can not forget no needed instrument and forgot what good came how first made you forget who we need you are there to be the famous and rich new sheepcoats for all round. How dare. You disrespect and must KEEP TRADITION or ill will cause spirt disturb. Also no eat and shake with coughs of less time...

    and they would gather not stop the letter so no more will be shared the point is our response is that digital is future and if the fancy electron required for the big car then we will take and those who dead can stick face in eye for we do not feel any for them since they are not us we need the success that AMERICAN dreams may allow for dreams and only here. No help will sent to you. Accept a fate of masked robbery? They live in castle for own convent.

    Story of The Man and Him

    Here is a traditional homeland tale of justice and lessons galore translated to AMERICAN. Keep your mouth shut because a grin to the ears could damage small childrens:

    In a previous year a Man and another named Him said to each other about a collective bargin which was godly accepted due to the bond of trust. They happily were seperate married so a slap in the face to a wife was requiste to begin the due process. After done, how did he be thanked? No children were allowed to fall off a river bed of soft grass! How could this concur in a place of land and peace? There was none harrows offered to either so a wife was dispatched to pasture without gain with neck in her hand the sow. Him and Man never talked again until a band of roughcoats came to lout the town of treasures and being. A yodels shout pain tore as arms and torn from bodies and blood flow filling buckets meant for drinking.

    Some try to ignore with a hand clap? Fool! There was no hope for them and death placed them upon a flowing sail to decay in smells. But Man and Him worked together and solved the roughcoats and slashed faces with madness. They assiailed the leader with stones and watched elephant stomp on shell of his head. Laughing they told the one wife remain and childrens with glowing faces that work together and achieve you can all? Yes is the lesson granted!

    As you can see moral is work together and as one you can conceed greatness where never other can only do with one. This is why we humble Semi Automatic Turban of band will make AMERICAN dream come true with cars of big garages and riches beyond any store! Not that we will forget roots, just fill trickets to the brim!

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