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    Before AMERICAN hereos only way in homeland to get a music was a live street corner shindig with an open case to catch the money and another hand to slap a vagrant child with bad curios. So solution found in albums which grandparents were maked with hands and sweat and toes and products from around the stead. They too slow and we had to kick in order but results the same. Now I-Net allows INTERnational giving out much easy with the wizard magic of the transfer over thin cords which not understood but still works and not forget still have album for those who need a pure experience like we have said and forced.

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    Far East Infection (2000)

    Far East Infection

    28 track. Our most recent and first AMERICAN! Far East Infection is an album about our lives and how they live. It has simple begins but further complexity with time. When the death comes for you in the number twenty song there is still a hope for contintued alive do you not see? This is a real deal of how art is sung and produce so we are a George Washington of a sort which can cross a river with a fear of detail which makes us a better person than any of the others if you can feel it. Otherwise there is no purpose. But we have not forsake a party root: be forewarned of the boogie catchy rhtyhms or you will be infected as well!

    Some say get away from the pure yore? Still some change needed to get American hit which it is by no loesome! Best yet with much favorites!

    Do You Do Hindu? (1997)

    14 track. A soul heartfelt album with drama and close to heart with lots of important spirtual and how we believe in the great one bring tear to eye and joy to spirt. And sexy sex bursting and gooing all over with licking upon hot love warm after today! Many a bared chest spawned a orphan with this sex romp which we rode to full conclusion many a pilgrimage. They did all work.

    Milkin' (1994)

    18 track. Termoil and hope and band almost split but came together to do this project which we feel may be a reveloution that has not happened. We improved English and learned a school for them to teach us and how we can communicate with the visitors outside homeland with great ease and better than brain lacking invertebrates who kiss own kind that we have to push away these days because they jealous us.

    Cow Tippahaz Bettah Bust It Back (1990)

    12 track. Furst album while a learning on a rope. We still have pride but there was a fight to get it. Many style change from a current work with a rythem tight that may have exploded in faces but we are no worse for their wear. Many influential and some say we invented a hip hop with this and we are sure some say are right. Note AMERICAN influence from title due to the sitcom transfer to our country (Night Court the main).

    New fans and chums can find these ancient albums in homeland record storekeeps but keep eye on shopper for knee kick and cheap ban shots which chased them away. Cost many coins to if you are easy led and retarded of memory or dumbed in skull.

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