After recently purchasing (and being thrilled with) the shirt you see to the right, I have come to appreciate the idea of owning shirts so ridiculous that they meet awesome back on the other side. With some research, I now believe the best way to go about expanding my collection would be to tap into the industry of extremely specific clothing manufacturers and vintage clothing dealers. With a little patience and a little money, you could Internet yourself up a "I love my autistic granddaughter Natalie" shirt or a "My dad is a Canadian security guard and PROUD" hoodie. Put them on, and instantly you'll be catapulted into a steady mixture of pride and humiliation that you just can't get from normal clothing.

I am now on a quest to collect all of the strange, out-of-context clothing I can get my filthy hands on. If this means wearing shirts that previously belonged to some other dude, so be it. For example:

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