Hot and spicy SA reader Sp'ange sent in an interesting link which depicts how much I should be making as a webmaster in Costa Mesa. Check it out:

$54,000? I could live with that. Unfortunately, I was a webmaster who ran a site on the Gamefan Network... so I typed that into the site and it came out with very different results.

Nope, Gamefan still hasn't paid any of their hosted sites a dime yet. They owe all their hosted sites pay from June, July, and August, and haven't paid a single site. Best of all, they still won't even give a concrete date of when they will get paid. Pretty professional business, eh? Anyway, don't forget to click on those snazzy banners I've got up top. Keep your favorite webmaster from going broke and committing suicide! Buy some of them there USB hubs advertised in the text ad! Check out whatever the hell is currently displaying on the banner ad! Click the Geist Magazine link on the top right! Click like a crazed daemon! Jesus loves people who click SA ads!

Speaking of Geist Magazine, this is absolutely hilarious. It made me laugh my ass off.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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