White Pride Coalition Australia, submitted by ASL?. In honor of our friends down south, the Australians, have yourself a gander at this sassy site. Dedicated to the wonderful cause of making white people the only kind of people alive, White Pride Coalition Australia may well be our best chance of ever living without the horrible influence of other races, and their myriad of rich, fascinating cultures that expand our horizons.

Featuring typical racist malarkey like an "Aryan Heroes" page that includes such famous Aryans as Adolf Hitler, Woden, and Alexander the Great – who in no way favored interracial breeding – it's not hard to see why this is one of Australia's top 88 racist sites. For every hero there is a villain. Perhaps even a dozen villains if you are a superhero or an Aryan superman. The WPCA has its enemies too. Enemies with names like Lenin and Trotsky, two dastardly corpses known for promoting communism when they were alive so very long ago. And names like O.J. Simpson, who, as they put it, "likes to cut white meat." I had no idea O.J. Simpson was a concern of racist Australians, but I guess there aren't many good villains to latch onto these days. Their recommended viewing list is kind of strange, as they suggest such movies as "American History X," "Evil Dead 3," the classic "The Fifth Element," as well as the angst-ridden "Fight Club." I guess "Triumph of the Will" was too boring to make their list. I'm also guessing they turn "American History X" off halfway through the movie as not to spoil it.

I'll admit I didn't get into the heavy reading, such as their semi-lengthy diatribes on evil homosexual activitess, tactical advice for young white racists, and the various other idiotic ravings they somehow managed to secrete from their moron glands. Somehow it just doesn't excite me, even though I'm white and therefore destined to one day own the world.

I take comfort in knowing that the message of racist groups like this one did not last. Not long from now, Tina Turner, a black woman, will be running Bartertown, and these losers will probably be scavenging the desert for scraps.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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