In a world filled of super highways, portable radios and cellular telephones, people have lost the time to go down to their local Blockbuster and spend the amount of time to sit down and relax and enjoy a movie. So theSA Forum Goons came up with the fabulous idea of "four panel movies". Just imagine, seeing an entire cinematic piece in only four panels! This week's update allows us to watch movies, without actually watching them in their simplest forms. So grab the popcorn, dim down the lights and you don't even have to sit through any shitty previews!

"Replicant" started it off with everyone's favorite, "Fight Club"

Who needs Robin Williams and Julia Roberts? With "Irn-Bru"'s rendition of "Hook" all of the entertainment is right here!

"solbaid" got the jist of "Phonebooth"

No WONDER "Titanic" won so many Academy Awards! "solbaid" cleary shows us why!

"Genital-Anthrax" is going to hell for this rendition of "Philadelphia"

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