Vegan Erotica, submitted by PIC. I'm a lifelong vegetarian and as such no one could possibly hate vegans more than me. That's not to say they're all dipshits who interrupt every meal to babble about not being cruel to bees, but a lot of them do, and those that do earn a reputation for all vegetarians that is truly hideous. You could eat a baby sandwich on two slices of monkey heart bread for all I care, but because of proactive vegans identifying myself as a vegetarian is a third or fourth meeting kind of thing.

That makes this site the equivalent of an erotic site devoted to John Ashcroft's scrotal restrictors. Take something I fucking hate, and combine it with sex toys, and you've got the winner of the "least likely to be shopped at by me" award.

Flogger of Seventeen $30.00

This beautiful vegan flogger has seventeen tails, delivering quite a whallop to an unsuspecting bottom. The fall of the flogger is 27" long, and has a hand-braided 6" handle.

Give that thing to me! I'll beat those bastards until you can see their spinal column and then drink their blood while smashing bees with my bare hands.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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