Jim Pinkoski, submitted by Ididntwannadoit. Jim Pinkoski's homepage is a tribute to christian archeologist Roy Wyatt, who apparently unearthed the ark of the covenant. Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of the ark on the site. Why? Because according to Jim the ark cannot be captured by conventional photography. Ron Wyatt died in 1999 so I guess the ark got sick of his shit and killed him like it did the nazis in Indiana Jones. Here's Jim's idea for a movie, which by all indications looks like a recipe for awesome:

I began developing my FATHER TIME stories back in 1975 as a comic strip -- the first version of my FATHER TIME movie was written in 1976 and was entitled "THE PAPERBOY," and then in 1983 I incorporated my banking project into the movie and did the first version of "THE BANK" --

The manager of the local bank is not a human being.

He is a demon, and he enjoys seeing people come in and sign for their high interest bank loans.

This demon loves money, and loves to see the pain it brings to peoples' lives when they have to default on their loans and lose their homes, etc.

Movie tagline: He loved fixed rate mortgages ...TO DEATH.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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