#6: "Nightmare"


#5: "Shadow the Hedgehog 2"

I had previously been under the impression the original Shadow the Hedgehog wasn't a very popular game, mostly based from the fact that nobody anywhere liked it. I guess I was wrong, because - hey, somebody thought it would be an amazing idea to create a sequel! Much like the original game, Shadow the Hedgehog 2 lacks any redeeming qualities whatsoever, but this can be overlooked by the amazing plot line, as reproduced from the author here: "Shadow returns to New York city, to save it from some kind of terrorists." God bless you for your tireless dedication to the Big Apple, Shadow.

#4: "Trelyate"

Not content with simply being one of history's worst sidescrolling beat 'em ups, Trelyate takes a further step by additionally being one of history's most incomprehensible beat 'em ups. Fight against both bad guys and boredom as you try to rescue a shrill, maraca-shaking, vaguely feminine creature kidnapped by an army of spastic clones only capable of traveling in a straight line until they disappear from existence. The music, art, and gameplay are all consistently horrendous in their own insane ways, which almost counters the brutal boredom shoved down your throat. Still, I must admit shouting "Trelyate" randomly throughout the day feels strangely liberating. Try it, you'll agree.

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