A New Year is upon us and there is no better time to make a new beginning. This year I resolve to stop buying movies that start with "Debbie Does". Hopefully no one makes their New Year's Resolution, "Stop posting worthless drivel on internet message boards" so I can continue this feature.

Forum Planet

Who Posts There: People who just got computers.

What is Posted There: Shit.

Just what we need to see. Pictures of internet nerds.


This is the image "TheMaestro" sends when he tries to pick up on online girls. Does it work? No. No it doesn't.

Consoles are horrible. You can't jerk off to shemale porn on your Gamecube. You can't get a virus through your Playstation 2. And don't even try to get bloated versions of AIM to run on your Xbox so you can talk to people who go kekeke ^_^.

My virtual video game character can beat up your virtual video game character.

Hey check out this AWESOME game! No, I don't work for the developers, why do you ask?

Get a job.

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