The delicious and salty Forum Goons recently took a break from their community service jobs to add some classy spice to the world of old advertisements. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Goons know how to sell products! Many of these images were manipulated from old cigar ads, but all manner of products fell victim to the Goons and their Photoshop savagery. Let the antics begin!

The Challenge:

Forum Goon "Gilgamesh" started things off by offering this source image. While only a small margin of the resulting images used this source, it's what got things rolling. It also gives you an example of what an unedited image looks like.


"NotJust4Breakfast" answers the call by instantly setting the bar low:

You don't want to know where those hands have been! "SemiBadAss" takes time away from staring into the abyss to make this:

"CornBeef" decides to creep everyone out like the soulless monster he is:

"leedo" is currently in route to Hell:

There's more that way!

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