If you'd like to convince someone to watch the restored 1927 film Metropolis, you could write a lot of words about its cinematic importance, or you could casually point out that it's on Netflix Instant now, or you could wait 11 years and then say "Hey, want to see what a really old movie thought life in 2026 would be like?" 0haiThere chose a very modern strategy, turning Metropolis clips into GIFs that would make people say "haha cool, what is that from maybe I'll check it out." It's unclear how many SA Forum Goons went on to watch the movie, but at least a lot of them looked at the thread!


So I was watching the 1927 film Metropolis and collecting amusing scenes to make some reaction images when I saw something that looked exploitable:

So here it is, my first attempt at a Photoshop thread. Enjoy!





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