Normally, when people beg and plead for followers on Twitter it's really pathetic and we all hate it, but this one guy has pledged to 1) wear a diaper to work and 2) take pictures of himself in the work bathroom with the diaper on if he gets only 5,500 followers, and he's nearly there.

Please load up your Twitter machine and follow this idiot named "@SPERGERS" for one day only. Then please unfollow him after we all enjoy his workplace diaper photos. (It is very important that you unfollow him after the diaper photos get posted and not allow him to feel any sense of accomplishment or belonging!) Or don't do it, who cares. I just want to see a diaped-up dude. Also, if the photos aren't any good, we can all yell at him forever.

Thanks! Enjoy your weekend!

UPDATE: Excellent work! You've done it! Now we wait for diaper photos to come next week! Nobody follow him anymore!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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