Everyone loves a good romance story. The first article, loving refered to as "Part 1"recieved a HUGE response. I'm glad you guys liked it! However, not all of the romances went as well as planned. Some of them, as you soon will see, went surprisingly better than expected!

However, I was sent a warning from The Powers That Be that someone had reported my actions, and that continuing to do this would be harassment and could end up banning my accounts. Since I have an entire article planned around getting permanently booted from WoW in the far future, it wouldn't be prudent of me to post the names of players that didn't recieve name changes. Sorry for the censorship, but I think it won't take too much away from the experience! On with the show!

First, an Interlude

Earlier, I refered to the fact that at the end of my adventures hooking, I gave back nearly all of the gold (except from Clives) and high-ticket items. They suffered enough, and I didn't really need the money. Well, recently my server has shown a large amount of BOE Epics from Molten Core on the AH.

Imagine to my surprise when one of my victims, who I swore I got rid of because of his lack of generosity. I censored the name to protect the "innocent", and by "innocent" I mean my personal account - so I don't get the banhammer for harassing the dude.

"P" was the only person I interacted with where I was a total cunt the entire time. I wanted to see how much abuse ala mixed signals one person could take, before they themselves severed the connection.

For TWO WEEKS, anytime I would be logged in at the same time as him, he would feebly attempt a conversation. I think I maybe grouped with him once, and the entire time I just trashed talked his playstyle. It was humilating, but he took it very nicely. Finally, I decide to sever it - as much as I like calling a grown man a bitch, I had yet to figure out to squeeze dough from him.

Flash forward to March 8th, a day after the article came out. "P" was still on ignore. I hadn't even seen his avatar the entire time since I ignored him. I was "over". Little did I know, he wasn't.

1000 gold is $60 to $80, easily. This was the largest sum of gold any one person had given to me, and I was an incredibly mean bitch to him. The mind boggles. After discussing it with some friends & a night of deliberation, I knew what I had to do:

Oops, almost forgot.

Also, before I started pimping on Looks I had 60 gold to my name. Speaking of looking, there are suddenly more pages to this! Maybe you should click on it!

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