• The Story of Xmas

    The Story of Xmas (Part 2)

    Santa's rocket ship flew through outer space at hyperspeed, narrowly missing a bunch of evil alien spaceships, until it finally crossed paths with Earth, crash-landing into a manger in Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph, a childless couple, owned the manger, and they happily took in baby Santa as their own.

  • Thanksgiving: The Movie

    Thanksgiving: The Movie

    A story about Pilgrims and Indians could be very popular. AVATAR set the stage for that. And what's great here is that no one really knows what happened back then so we have a lot of leeway. Could the Colin Farrell character join the Indians? Or what if Tonto joins the Pilgrims, turning against his tribe when they want to kill all the Pilgrims?

  • Monstergeddon Forum: Anyone see Indian Jones 4?

    Monstergeddon Forum: Anyone see Indian Jones 4? (Part 2)

    Okay guys. I will have a talk with Dogballz via private message, but I’d like to remind everyone that we are no longer using the world “trolling” on the site. We’re calling it “agitating,” out of respect to the actual troll community.

  • Fear Me, Yor the so-called Mighty!

    Fear Me, Yor the so-called Mighty! (Part 2)

    Tremble, feeble readers of Oak Grove Gazette! Once more you are being awarded with addressment from Golan the Insatiable, Godlord Terrible of Gkruool, Crusher of Wills, Raper of All!

  • Superman is a Tool

    Superman is a Tool

    GARY: You know, it’s funny how you’re always in the bathroom when Superman shows up. CLARK KENT: Oh? That is kinda funny … DAVE: I think it's even funnier that whenever something scary happens, you just run away like a complete fucking pussy.

  • The Monstergeddon Suggestion Board

    The Monstergeddon Suggestion Board (Part 1)

    Congratulations to the Masked Slasher, the first human ever to win the Killer Cup! I’m proud to be serving as game master in such progressive times, guys. Anyhoo, it's never too early to start planning for next year’s Monstergeddon, so I thought I’d start a board here where people can make suggestions or voice critiques. I open the floor ...

  • Dear Scrawny Fools

    Dear Scrawny Fools (Part 1)

    Cower!!! Golan the Insatiable addresses you, cowardly readers of Oak Grove Gazette!

  • Failed Children's Books

    Failed Children's Books (Part 1)

    Worm Miller reviews some kids' titles that just didn't work out, from amusingly botched concepts to true tragedies.

  • Meeting Morse

    Meeting Morse

    'Hello,' the alien said warmly. 'We know much about your world from intercepting Earth's cable TV and Netflix Instant Watch transmissions. That is why we have chosen this form.' He gestured to his group's identical appearances. 'We know David Morse is what will comfort you.'

  • Somalia Asks God for Earthquake

    Somalia Asks God for Earthquake

    Something Awful correspondent Worm Miller sat down with the country's leaders to discuss this unprecedented news.

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