Keith and Mike, submitted by grzydj. Keith and Mike are two hilarious dudes who really know how to make you laugh. Get this: these guys are both zany and wacky! Can you believe that? Talk about winning the genetic lottery! was founded in 2001 after we realized that we were a little...well that we were a little off beat compared to other 'normal' people. We thought about creating a T-Shirt company, then we thought about leasing out a building and starting a Card shop where we would sell sports memorabilia and football cards. After all was said and done we actually decided that a website would be our best bet. And the rest is history. Keith Mike

Keith and Mike routinely go on exciting adventures, doing such madcap activities as laying down in "some of the strangest positions imaginable" while pretending to be dead. Where do they come up with this stuff? It must be something in the water! (LOL!)! Be sure to check out their videos, where they demonstrate what warm, creative, and genius entertainers they are by being off-kilter and totally crazy! Also, they demonstrate what complete saps they are, but I suppose that goes with the territory. Keith and Mike will one day die together, probably in some scary interlocked position.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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