Whenever something mildly unusual happens during a sporting event, ESPN scrambles to broadcast the Ten Most Famous Previous Occurrences of this Mildly Unusual Thing. Did a baseball manager kick some dirt? Time to roll the tape of Hal McRae's tantrum! Did someone become exasperated during a press conference? "Practice!" "Playoffs?!" To make the natural transition from athletic prowess to fantasy/sci-fi books: Anony Mouse requested the best-worst cover art from genre fiction. The results range from unintentionally hilarious to just plain botched, from unfair presentation of a well-written tome to apt packaging for trash. But unlike with ESPN-style greatest-hits countdowns, you probably haven't seen most of these. (I disqualified everything that appeared in this Cracked article, just in case.) Many are obscure out-of-print editions from the SA Forum Goons' private collections; some are vanity press atrocities handed to them when they were minding their own business (at a comic-con).






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