Mayor Wilkins here with another fun-filled Comedy Goldmine. This week's thread was started by Zoracle Zed, who found an orange and white poster that said "make poverty history." He decided that the poster should be made a little more interesting, and he posted it on the forums. By the time the week was over, the thread was eighteen pages long and was full of enough material to fill two weeks' worth of Goldmines.

So bless you, Zoracle Zed, for making my job a little bit easier. Now I get to slack off this week, since I can do two Goldmines at the same time and just save one for next week. To celebrate this fact, I'm not even going to try to say anything funny here. Instead, I'll just tell you to enjoy this week's Comedy Goldmine.

Enjoy this week's Comedy Goldmine - Make Poverty History!

Zoracle Zed




Doctor Fatty

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