Believe me, I don't want to see what you do in private. I know you're right handed, so that answers any questions I may have about what you do alone in your room.
i dont carry gunz on me
Where do you carry them? Do you have a wagon that you pull along, filled all the way up with your weapons?
they stay at home until they used
Oh, that makes sense. So when a drug deal goes bad and the other gang members start shooting at you, do you try to lure them back to your home? Do you make comments like "You could probably aim better if we were fighting outside my house. There's a really bright streetlight there, let's go" or something?
IM too smart IM not a fool
"I'm" is capitalized. You FOOL.
FBI kick in my door
Which door? Are they trying to escape from your house or break into it?
FBI laying on my floor
Are they sleeping? Did you have a slumber party with your FBI pals?
time to get up out the state
You're getting in a helicopter and flying above the state? How can you afford this, gasoline is quite expensive, not to mention pilot rental services.
i cant catch another case
Ohhhh, so you're a lawyer then. That makes sense.
I paged B, He hit me back
Grandmaster B? You two do have a lot in common...
Nigga bout had a heart attack
He should probably take his medication and not eat McDonald's so often. Try a low-carb diet with plenty of exercise.
when i said what tha deal was
Which deal are we talking about, the one you made on EBay for all those used Chewbacca posters?
theres 5 feds covered in blood
Where? How do you know? Please elaborate, as I'm sure the Police would like to know what happened, unless the FBI agents you referenced are freelancing as workers in a nearby rendering plant.
He came by and scooped me up
Who? Somebody in a large, flying spoon? And I thought you were already in a helicopter, up above the state? Did you go higher? Like into the stratosphere or something? Perhaps the lack of oxygen up there is hurting your brain and causing you to write this way.
in a all blue chromed out cut.
His hair is blue metal? Is he a Transformer, like Optimus Prime?
Verse 4 (B) *not yet

I'll be waiting!

– Unknown User

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