General Work

Grinding levels in crafting

Restocking the stripper fund

Ass to the grind chair

Making the minimum payments

Putting Taco Bell® Crunchwrap Supremes™ on the table

Restaurant Work

Hogging fountain Sprites

Texting from the kitchen

Swinging the mop


Hairing the pizza

IT Work

Patching the Anti-virus

Troubleshooting the boss's iPhone

Uninstalling Bit Torrent

De-spilling the laptops

Windowing Minecraft

Factory Work

Living history

Welding tomorrow's junk

Playing Chinese

Riveting dog stairs

Military Work

Revising maps the hard way

Honoring the sacrifice

Avoiding jail time

Burning the shit bags

Detailing the MRAP

Nursing Work

Running the numbers

Swapping bags

Scraping stink

Deluxe Room Service

Engineering Work

Dreaming the flange

Probleming the solution

Screendooring the submarine

Designing a better mouse turd

Teaching Work

Wasting supplies on idiots

Grading Twilight book reports

Explaining algebra to a wall

Training tomorrow's criminals


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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