It's still technically Friday, right? In Part 1 we looked mostly at how many variations on a four-panel Nancy comic from 1972 the users were able to come up with. In this installment. we'll see them think outside those panels. Way outside.

Continuing Part 1, these images are edits of or references to (among other things) an Ernie Bushmiller newspaper Nancy comic from June 23 1972. It was lampooned by Accretionist in a thread starting June 24 2018. Forty six years of visiting the loan office.

Here's Accretionist's original, unaltered (except for SA's watermark) source image, for reference:

Wall Balls doesn't need your fourth panel anyway! So there!

Damn, Temaukel! Get that banker to the burn-ward, stat!

The Wurst Poster
only earns their punny title 364 days of the year. When I'm drunk on Christmas watch out!

The Bloop knows that anybody can tie knots, it's the discretion you pay for.

BovineFury is interested in the bigger story. Maybe that's why they submitted like 50 images to this damn thing.

Pablo Bluth
was right to warn us...

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